Club Tournaments

2019 Competition Winners and Runners Up 

Competition Winner(s)Runners Up
Blair ShieldRon Searle Keith Robinson
Jubilee PlateRob HackwellCarol Steadman
Ladies 2 WoodCarol DainesMarion Bushnell
Ladies ChampionshipCarol Daines Marion Bushnell
Ladies HandicapMarion BushnellCarol Steadman
Ladies PairsBrenda Astridge and Carol DainesFlo Mann/Marion Bushnell
Ashford 2 WoodRob HackwellAshley Tanner
Men’s ChampionshipAshley Tanner Gary Taylor
Men’s Handicap Ashley Tanner Mark Smith
Men’s Hudson Pairs Luke Mann/Gary Taylor Rob Hackwell/Steve Hicks
Men's Atkinson 2 Wood Dave Law Keith Robinson
Mixed Pairs Carol Daines/Ashley TannerFlo Mann,/Gary Taylor
Victoria CupMark Smith Fraser Smith
Viet Triples Steve keable/Anna Mays/Keith RobinsonCarole Daines/Dave Killick/Bill Moody
Whitby Cup Not Played

2018 Competition Winners and Runners Up

Competion Winner(s) Score Runners up
Mixed Pairs Carole Daines & Rob Hackwell 22 - 7Marion Bushnell & John Smith
Men's Handicap Ashley Tanner 21 - 8 Stuart McConnachie
Hudson Pairs Ken Phull & Gary Taylor 24 -22Dennis Cliff & Colin Staples
Men's Championship Ashley Tanner 21 - 6 Rob Hackwell
Ladies Championship Marion Bushnell 21 - 8 Carole Daines
Victoria Cup Gordon Dymock 21 -14 Dave Killick
Ashford 2 Wood Ashley Tanner 17 -9 Ron Searle
Viet Triples Carole Daines, Dave Law & Stuart Mc Connachie 17 - 14 Bill Moody, Dave Killick & Julie Killick
Ladies PairsBrenda Astridge & Carole Daines Flo Man & Marion Bushnell
Ladies Handicap Marion Bushnell Carole Daines
Whitby Cup Not Played

2017 Competition Winners and Runners up

Mens ChampionStuart McConnachieDave Law
Ladies ChampionWendy BayleyCarol Stedman
Mens HandicapRob HackwellAlun Williams
Ladies HandicapWendy BayleyCarole Daines
Ladies 2 WoodWendy BayleyCarol Stedman
Ashford 2 WoodRob Hackwell Rob Hackwell
Jubilee PlateAshley Tanner Marion Bushnell
Atkinson 2 WoodDave LawTerry Law
Hudson PairsCliff Tanner & Mick DelaneyDave Law & Ashley Tanner
Ladies PairsCarol Stedman & Carole DainesBrenda Astridge & Wendy Bayley
Viet TriplesCarole Daines, Keith Robinson, Ashley TannerKen Phull, Carol Stedman, Rob Hackwell
Mixed PairsAlun Williams & Wendy Bayley Julie Killick & Ashley Tanner
Whitby CupCarol StedmanJill Stanton
Victoria CupNot Played
Blair ShieldKen PhullMick Delaney
Beginners 75 ShotsNot completed
Les Staples CupMen’s TeamLadies Team
President’s Award - Ray Gilbert PlateJim & Chris Copus

2016 Competition Winners and Runners up

MEN'S CHAMPIONAshley TannerRob Hackwell
LADIES' CHAMPIONLiz DuttonCarol Daines
MEN'S HANDICAPRob HackwellAshley Tanner
LADIES' HANDICAPWendy BayleyMarion Bushnell
LADIES' 2 WOODLiz DuttonWendy Bayley
ASHFORD 2 WOODAshley TannerRob Hackwell
JUBILEE PLATENot PlayedNot Played
ATKINSON 2 WOODKeith RobinsonGordon Dymock
HUDSON PAIRSMick Delaney & Terry LawCliff Tanner & Dave Law
LADIES' PAIRSCarol Stedman & Liz DuttonCarole Daines & Marion Bushnell
VIET TRIPLESNot PlayedNot Played
MIXED PAIRSWendy Bayley & Terry LawMaureen Gammon & Ashley Tanner
WHITBY CUPCarol StedmanCarole Dain
BLAIR SHIELDRon SearleKeith Robinson
BEGINNERS 75 SHOTSNot PlayedNot Played
Capt Marion Bushnell
Men’s Team
Capt Keith Robinson

2015 Competition Winners and Runners up

MEN'S CHAMPIONAshley TannerDave Law
LADIES' CHAMPIONLiz DuttonCarol Stedman
MEN'S HANDICAPAshley TannerRob Hackwell
LADIES' HANDICAPWendy BayleyCarol Stedman
LADIES' 2 WOODLiz DuttonMarion Bushnell
ASHFORD 2 WOODRob HackwellAshley Tanner
JUBILEE PLATECarole DainesKeith Robinson
ATKINSON 2 WOODTerry LawMick Delaney
HUDSON PAIRSKen Phull & Rob HackwellDave Law & Ron Searle
LADIES' PAIRSWendy Bayley & Carol StedmanCarole Daines & Marion Bushnell
VIET TRIPLESWendy Bayley, Mick Delaney & Rob HackwellMarion Bushnell, Keith Robinson & Ashley Tanner
MIXED PAIRSWendy Bayley & Rob HackwellRon Searle & Carol Stedman
WHITBY CUPLiz DuttonMarion Bushnell
BLAIR SHIELDColin StaplesKeith Robinson
BEGINNERS 75 SHOTSLen ClaremontLen Claremont
LADIES' MEN'S CUPMen’s TeamLadies' Team
LADIES' MEN'S CAPTAINSKeith RobinsonMarion Bushnell

2014 Competition Winners and Runners up

MEN'S CHAMPIONSHIPColin StaplesRob Hackwell
JUBILEE PLATEMarion BushnellCarole Daines
MEN'S HANDICAPAshley TannerColin Staples
LADIES' HANDICAPLiz DuttonMarion Bushnell
ASHFORD 2 WOODAshley TannerKeith Robinson
ATKINSON 2 WOODRon SearleKeith Robinson
LADIES' 2 WOODCarol StedmanMarion Bushnell
HUDSON PAIRSGeorge Aylott & Ron SearleJeff Goldsmith & Rob Hackwell
LADIES' PAIRSLiz Dutton & Marion BushnellBrenda Astridge & Carole Daines
MIXED PAIRSBrenda Astridge & Ashley TannerJeff Goldsmith & Carol Stedman
VIET TRIPLESWendy Bayley, Carol Stedman & Rob HackwellMarion Bushnell, George Aylott & Vickki Larwood
WHITBY PAIRSLiz DuttonCarol Stedman